BikeFinder in South Africa

We are entering the South African market!

Site Guard

Big news, BikeFinder is now entering South Africa! Our reach just got even bigger with Site Guard now onboard as our distributor for South Africa! We’re thrilled to work with Calie Engelbrecht and his team to expand our bikefinder security solution and reach new parts of the world.

Visit Site Guard’s website at to read more about them.

“Site Guard is very excited to become BikeFinder’s distributor in South Africa. Together we will decrease the amounts of bikes getting stolen in the country.”

– Calie Engelbrecht
CEO, Site Guard

bikefinder in south africa Calie
Calie Engelbrecht

Bicycle theft in South Africa

Bike theft has become a common problem in South Africa, with many people losing their prized possessions to theft. The number of functional bicycles in South Africa is estimated to be around 15 million, and BikeFinder is committed to protecting as many of them as possible. With the help of Site Guard, BikeFinder’s distributor in South Africa, we aim to decrease the number of bikes stolen in the country.

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Despite these challenges, we are thrilled to expand our efforts to South Africa, as it will allow us to protect even more bicycles at numerous locations worldwide.

Bicycle theft is a growing problem in South Africa, with high-end bikes being particularly vulnerable to theft. Criminals often steal bikes and send them to foreign markets, making it difficult for the authorities to track down the stolen bicycles. Burglaries and hijackings are the most common methods used to steal bicycles.

Introducing bikefinder

BikeFinder is a revolutionary bike tracker that helps protect your bicycle from theft. It uses the latest technology to track your bike’s location, making it easy to recover if it’s stolen. The device is compact and easy to install, and it provides frequent updates on your bike’s location.

BikeFinder is already a popular bike tracker in Europe and we’re excited to bring it to South Africa. With the help of Site Guard, BikeFinder’s distributor in South Africa, we’ll make it easy to protect your bike.

Get your own bikefinder!

How does the bikefinder work?

BikeFinder uses a combination of GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth technologies to track your bike’s location. The device is compact, easy to install, and is discreetly mounted in the handlebars of your bicycle. You can track your bike’s location using the BikeFinder app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

In the event that your bike is stolen, you can use the app to locate it quickly. BikeFinder sends you an alert if your bike detects movement, and it provides real-time updates on your bike’s location.


How long does the battery last on bikefinder

Depending on the temperatures of the climate the bikefinder is in, it will usually last from 2 to 6 weeks on a single charge.

Is bikefinder easy to install?

Yes, the bikefinder is very easy to install into your bike’s handlebars. It comes with a provided tool and instructions on how to install the tracker.

Can BikeFinder track my bike’s location in real time?

Yes, bikefinder uses GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth technology to track your bike’s location in real time.

How does bikefinder alert me if my bike is stolen?

The bikefinder sends you an alert on your phone through the BikeFinder app if your bike is moved.

Is bikefinder waterproof?

Yes, the bikefinder is rated IP-67 waterproof, so it won’t have any problems even though it’s raining.

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