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How I Got My Bike Back – Again

Our business is creating the best bike tracking device on the market, and offering unparalleled customer service. If your bike is stolen, our support team is ready to be the hero in your story.

Pull up a chair and hear one of our latest BikeFinder tales, as told by Matthew – one of our valued customers:

“My e-bike has been stolen twice – and twice recovered thanks to BikeFinder.”

The first time, it was stolen from right outside my apartment. The thieves managed to cut through two locks, and cycle the bike away from inside our gated community. I noticed it missing the next morning, and the BikeFinder app led me to a residential area where I found my bike locked up in a normal bike rack.

I called the police and they were able to bring a locksmith to cut it free.

A year later, it happened again!

About a week or so ago, it was stolen from outside my university building, in broad daylight! Again the thieves had cut through two, much thicker chain locks, and moved the bike to a dodgy car wash in an industrial estate outside of town.

It was thanks to BikeFinder that I was able to prove that my bike was there, in the back of a van nearby. Again, I was reunited with my bike.

The second time it was stolen, I didn’t feel the need to panic. I simply opened the app, and knew I would find it.

I think the biggest benefit of having a BikeFinder installed, besides the obvious bonus of being able to recover your bike, is the peace of mind it offers.”

We love a reunion story. A downtrodden bike owner – a lost, lonely bike – and of course, our villain, the insatiable bike thief, hungry for stealing the most beautiful of bikes. Luckily, the villain is no match against our BikeFinder trackers.

We love a happily ever after.

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