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Dorian: A BikeFinder Story

Bike thieves, beware. Here comes a tale from another two-time theft avoider. In this story, valued customer Dorian shares his experience using the BikeFinder tracker.

First of all, this is the second time that I’ve avoided bike theft thanks to BikeFinder. The first theft occurred in Amiens, France in January of 2020. I heard a push notification coming from my mobile.
The BikeFinder app told me my bike had been moved. I ran towards the bikepark outside of my student building and saw two young thieves stealing my bike. They were only able to cut one out of the three bike locks I had on my bike. They saw me and ran away.

The second theft happened in May 2022 when thieves illegally entered my flat building and stole my bike. I woke up to two stolen bikes. The thieves broke into my cellar and stole the two bikes inside. Only one had a BikeFinder tracker installed. I contacted BikeFinder support which helped me find my bike’s location. The police informed me to warn them in real-time whenever the locations indicated by the tracker changed.

From morning until the afternoon, I did everything I had to do : I kept an eye out for my bikes, I filed a theft report, I called my insurance for them to pay for the cellar door that had been broken. A locksmith came later that day and actually drove me to the police station – as I no longer had my bicycle. I showed the police my tracker’s position, a picture of my bicycle, and the remaining time on my tracker, which was approximately 30 hours.

The next day I got a call from the police – they found the bike that had the BikeFinder tracker.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Dorian. We’re thrilled to be a part of your reunion story. Ride on!

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