we are.

Our company,
Our people.


we are.

Our company,
Our people.

The BikeFinder story

Our mission is to give you the ultimate security for your bike. Bicycle theft is on the rise – a fact that our founders know all too well. A series of bike thefts led a group of seasoned Norwegian entrepreneurs and a former professional cyclist to ask the question: Could technology help bike owners reunite with their stolen bikes, or stop bike theft altogether?

They quickly realized that a tracking device with GPS and internet connectivity – that fits any type of bike – would be the ultimate tool.

Founded in 2014, BikeFinder’s roots began in the heart of Stavanger, Norway’s entrepreneurial and innovative tech start-up community. The BikeFinder team quickly began developing an integrated tracking device that would fit any type of bicycle. The device provides accurate tracking through GPS and GSM technologies, with long battery life – suitable for work commutes and long bike tours.

In 2017, BikeFinder was one of two winners in Petter Stordalen’s “Strawberry Million” – competing with over 2000 other start-ups. Today, that entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our growing and diverse team, working together to create the ultimate tracking tool for your bike.

BikeFinder was created by bike enthusiasts, for bike enthusiasts. People, like you, who want to protect what they value – the freedom of riding wherever you want, without the worry of your bike being taken from you.

Team BikeFinder


Birgitte F. Sunde


Birgitte is passionate about how tech helps people. She is structured and outspoken and gets excited by helping different people communicate, evolve and grow.  When not at work she likes to cook and is interested in both nutrition and gourmet food. Weekends are often spent with her family on the boat or at the cabin.


Christian Dahl-Andersen

Director of Sales

Christian is very competitive and has spent most of his career playing pro ice hockey for the Stavanger Oilers. Setting and reaching goals is what drives him. He is a social creature, and loves hanging out with family, friends, and colleagues. Having spent most of his life playing a team sport, he finds great joy in creating a winning and positive atmosphere in the workplace.


Andreas Hanekamhaug

Senior Sales Executive

Andreas loves spending time and energy on other people. This benefits both our team, and our Business-to-Business customers. He thinks his best ideas come to him when he’s alone after social gatherings. Andreas might be our most formally dressed employee, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Andreas is extremely curious and honest by nature. 

Samantha Smith Johansen

Samantha Smith Johansen

Director of Marketing

Samantha is originally from sunny Los Angeles and enjoys just about every water sport there is – her favorite being SUP. Samantha loves travelling and exploring new places, and has lived in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Oslo.  She is passionate about International Marketing, and loves learning about new cultures, languages, and marketplaces.    


Youhua Fu

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Youhua loves a good challenge. When not at work he spends most of his spare time researching the latest science and engineering technologies. He also likes to work on his hobby projects with his 3D printer and coding micro controllers. When outdoors, he snowboards, cycles, plays tennis and goes camping.


Viggo Henriksen

Principal Technical Engineer

Viggo is the guy doing our electronics. He loves his time inside the lab, making new creations. Viggo is the occasional geek, proudly. When not at work, he recharges with his family outdoors, and enjoys playing board games, working on refurbishing and do-it-yourself projects, beer brewing and just hanging out with friends.

Om Oss - Endre

Endre Vaaland Bø

Senior Electrical Engineer

Endre loves a challenge and diving into the small details. Spending time in the BikeFinder Lab, developing the ultimate bike tracking tool, is one of his favorite things to do while at work. While not at work, Endre loves spending time with his family and friends, traveling, hobby projects and skiing.

Om Oss- Daniel

Daniel Barati

Principal Software Engineer

Daniel loves using technology to bring ideas into reality – he has a passion for all things tech-related.  When he isn’t working on cloud-based solutions and developing BikeFinder systems, Daniel can be found traveling around the globe, playing the piano, reading a book, or hanging out with friends.

Dawit H.Kidane

Dawit H. Kidane

Junior Software Developer

Dawit loves challenges and is always willing to give his 100%, seeking to learn and develop. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is currently doing his master’s degree in computer science, specializing in data science at the University of Stavanger. When not studying or at work, he likes to play football and spend time with family.


Benedicte Gjerseth


Benedicte is an incredibly positive person – you will always be greeted with a smile in the morning. A creative at heart, Benedicte loves immersing herself in the world of Tolkien and JK Rowling. Benedicte has a passion for E-sports: she has some serious game. When not conquering the world of BikeFinder support, Benedicte’s number one priority is her lovely family.


Julian Jy Nguyen

Customer Care Manager

Julian is known around the office for being outgoing and positive. He loves to help people, which comes in handy as our Customer Care Manager. When not at work, Julian is the ultimate green thumb and loves to watch his garden grow. He is also a very talented photographer – don’t be surprised if you see him out & about with his camera.


Markus Johannessen


Markus studies computer science at the University of Stavanger. At work Markus does his best to ensure that every customer gets the help and attention they deserve.  If he is not studying, he is either at the office, at the gym or installed in front of the tv watching football.

The Board


Pippa Boothman

Board member

VP Marketing & Communications, Disruptive Technologies.

Leif Andre Skare

Leif Andre Skare


M.Sc Mechanical Engineering. 15 years of experience from PE industry.

Asbjorn vagle

Asbjørn Vagle

Board member

MBA Universität Mannheim. Previous experience from Skagen Fondene.