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BikeFinder debuts as FahrradFinden in Germany

A message to bike thieves in Germany – we have arrived. The same state-of-the-art tracking system that made us an industry leader in bike-tracking technology will now be available in Germany as FahrradFinden.

Starting on June 17th, our German customers now have the option of selecting subscriptions with included premium bike insurance from our newest insurance partner – hepster. This innovative Rostock-based InsurTech company offers an API-driven ecosystem that enables companies from all industries to integrate individual and needs-based insurance into their offerings.

Due to BikeFinder’s high recovery rate, we can offer an unbelievable value for this premium bike insurance from hepster – directly included in your BikeFinder / FahrradFinden subscription. One click gets you state-of-the-art bike tracking and extra peace of mind with included bike insurance. The customizable design of the insurance solution will serve to create a worry-free riding experience for our German customers. Click here to see all the benefits this insurance has to offer.

Birgitte F. Sunde, CEO of BikeFinder, about the cooperation: “BikeFinder and hepster share a common goal – to help our valued customers in the event of bicycle theft. Together, we can offer our customers the ability to recover their stolen bikes and the peace of mind of knowing they have market-leading bike insurance included in their subscription – just in case. Our state-of-the-art trackers consistently achieve high recovery rates. However, it’s essential to continue delivering quality customer service and insurance to our expanding customer base. We are therefore thrilled to partner with hepster – a leading force in the bicycle insurance industry.” Birgitte F. Sunde, CEO of BikeFinder

Alexander Hornung, Co-Founder and CPO of hepster, explains: “The collaboration between BikeFinder and hepster means another milestone for us within IoT – ‘Internet of Things’ – and mobility solutions – the combination of hardware, software and need-based service offerings. With BikeFinder, we are demonstrating exactly what hepster set out to do in the market six years ago: situational insurance solutions that are flexibly and precisely integrated into the customer experience at BikeFinder and available to the customer at every point of sale. For us, the quintessence of embedded insurance.”

Our team could not be more thrilled to launch FahrradFinden in Germany. BikeFinder was founded in 2015 – its roots began in the heart of Stavanger, Norway’s entrepreneurial and innovative tech start-up community. The BikeFinder team quickly began developing an integrated tracking device that would fit any type of bicycle. The device provides accurate tracking through GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth technologies, with long battery life – suitable for work commutes and long bike tours. Today, that entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our growing and diverse team, working together to create the ultimate tracking tool for your bike.

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