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  • Free delivery (2-4 days)
  • 30-day open purchase
  • Free returns
  • Secure payment
  • Free delivery (2-4 days)
  • 30-day open purchase
  • Free returns
  • Secure payment

"Easy to use, good battery life"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase and Delivery

From you receive the product you can try it for 30 days. If you are not satisfied You can return it and get your money back. We will cover the return costs.

This makes it risk free for you to try BikeFinder

We deliver to any address within 2-4 working days. The shipping is free.

If you buy before 12 o’clock (GMT + 2), the order is shipped the same day. The order is sent with tracking number and a delivery guarantee.

Yes, we have our own support team in Stavanger To help you with any questions you might have. Our usual response time is 7-10 hours

At you can pay with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal .

Yes, all prices include VAT

You will not be charged anything more than what you pay here on the website.

Yes, each tracking device needs a separate subscription.

You can purchase multiple subscriptions at once


The tracking device is mounted in the handlebars and is almost impossible to remove without the special tool that’s included in the box (we also change the tool periodically).

You’ll also be notified if your bike moves, so you’ll have time to react to theft attempts.

A whopping 90% of reported stolen bikes have been recovered. Bicycle theft is often spontaneous and many are performed by amateurs. Unprepared thieves will not be able to remove BikeFinder.

The Battery lasts up to 8 weeks.

You will be notified when the battery runs below 40% – and included with power bank and charging cable.

It is possible to charge the device while it is mounted in the handlebar.

The subscription is required to cover the tracking signal (tracking device uses mobile data, just like a regular mobile, to send tracking signal)

Your BikeFinder subscription includes everything you need for the tracking to work and for your insurance to be valid. There are no other costs incurred.

BikeFinder fits all inner diameter bike controllers between 15-27 mm; this constitutes approximately 95 of the regular boards.

The tracking device is also flexible so it fits bullhorn bars.

If the BikeFinder does not fit your bike, you can return it and get full refund immediately. We will cover the return costs.

If your grips (handle) don’t have an opening on the end, you need new grips or you need to remove the outermost part of the grip. Please contact us at [email protected] If you have any problems with this.

Contact us via the “report theft” in the BikeFinder app – and we’ll help you through the process.

We will first help you find your bike, or contact the police if necessary.

If the bike is not found, the insurance will cover the loss.

Yes, the tracking device fits electric bikes.

74% of our customers use it for their electrical bike.


Aleksander Kristoff

Aleksander Kristoff


Finally, a GPS tracker that works

Aleksander Kristoff

Aleksander Kristoff


Davy Wathne

Davy Wathne

Ivrig BikeFinder bruker

With BikeFinder, I feel confident that I always know where my electric bike is located and that it can be tracked if it ever disappears. And with this assurance, I feel fully in control.

Davy Wathne

Davy Wathne

Ivrig BikeFinder bruker

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  • Du kan kansellere når som helst

Du kan administrere abonnementet ditt på “min konto” (kontoen din opprettes automatisk i kjøpsprosessen)

The subscription is needed to cover the monthly cellular data cost (the tracker use cellular data, just like a smartphone, to send signals)

  • Each tracker needs its own subscription
  • Subscriptions automatically renews
  • You can cancel at any time via “My Account”